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Your unlimited WiFi
during trips in Moscow

No need the local SIM card
No need to recharge in 5-7 hours
Connect up to 8 devices

For only
3.5 $/ a day
Click here to rent

Convenient service
for guests of the capital

What is Pocket WiFi from Lte4Rent ?

Lte4Rent - This is a compact
(a little bit bigger than a business card)
router that is easy to carry.

You can connect up to 8
compatible devices to the
Internet during your stay in Moscow.

3.5 $/ a day
Click here to rent

Pay 3.5 $ for every day's use.

Share the Internet with your family and friends

Take with yourself in anywhere of Moscow

What is included of pocket WiFi ?

Router Lte4Rent External battery USB-cable Charger User's manual Ergonomic box 3.5 $/ a day Delivery in Moscow – For free (Lte4Rent within the 3 transport ring and to the partner hotels of Lte4Rent) Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road - 290 rubles

The daily cost of renting a mobile router with prepaid Internet is indicated.
actual cost is written off upon the return of equipment.

How it works ?

Turn on the pocket router Create a wireless Wifi access point Find the Wifi in your device Enter Wifi password

What is the convenience?

Fits in your pocket. It is easy to carry with yourself. No need for a local sim card. Connects up to 5 devices at one time. The baterry works for 5-7 hours in one time. Pay by POS-terminal and online.
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Reviews of Moscow guests

John Wilson


This device exceeded my expectations. I was able to use the hotspot everywhere in Moscow. I felt so tech-savvy! Thank you for the great service.

Jan Dvořák

Czech Republic

I’ve used the wifi egg for 3 weeks. After ordering on the website it was delivered to my accommodation within 2 days. It was very easy to use and reliable during my whole stay. The connection was stable and the battery lasted for about 6 hours at least. I will definitely use it again!

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